The Renovator

Marcus Lemonis: The Renovator

Unlocking Market Potential: Leveraging Voice Cloning for Global Expansion


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Marcus Entertainment. The entrepreneur and TV personality behind the series The Profit and The Renovator , Lemonis is co-owner of the beloved game show franchise Let’s Make A Deal and the award-winning production company Zero Point Zero, and owner of the podcast One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis

Year Founded

Founded in the US in 2021


Home Improvement, Reality TV


Broadcasting on Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu


New York

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced in dubbing "The Renovator" with Marcus Lemonis was preserving his unique brand voice and personality throughout the localization process. Marcus Lemonis, known for his dynamic presence and unwavering dedication to transforming homes and lives, brings a distinct energy to the series. Maintaining authenticity while translating the content into Latin Spanish and Portuguese for the South American and Brazilian markets was crucial. Traditional dubbing methods risked diluting Marcus Lemonis' voice, potentially impacting audience connection. Thus, the challenge was to find a solution that could accurately replicate his voice while adapting the series for international audiences.

Turnaround time reduction

Cost reduction

End to end solution

High quality, streaming ready

Deepdub’s Solution

Deepdub's innovative use of voice cloning technology not only preserved Marcus Lemonis' authentic brand voice but also streamlined the dubbing workflow, saving valuable time and resources. By eliminating the need for re-recording, Deepdub ensured the authenticity and consistency of Marcus Lemonis' voice throughout the dubbed content. This approach not only reduced production time but also minimized the risk of delays or inconsistencies in the final product. Additionally, Deepdub provided an end-to-end solution that encompassed all aspects of the dubbing process, from translation to final delivery, ensuring high-quality, streaming-ready content tailored to the South American and Brazilian markets. By leveraging voice cloning technology, Deepdub enabled Marcus Lemonis to maintain his unique brand voice while meeting the speed and scalability needs of the home improvement and reality TV genre.


  • Authentic Brand Voice Preservation:Deepdub's use of voice cloning technology preserved Marcus Lemonis' unique brand voice, ensuring the dubbed content retained its originality and audience connection.
  • Streamlined Localization:By integrating voice cloning, Deepdub streamlined the dubbing process for "The Renovator," eliminating re-recording sessions and saving valuable time.
  • Cost-effective Solution:Deepdub's approach minimized production costs by reducing the need for extensive recording and post-production adjustments, delivering high-quality content efficiently.
  • Market Expansion and Monetization:Deepdub's localization of "The Renovator" into Latin Spanish and Portuguese opened up new markets in Latin America and Brazil, unlocking additional revenue streams for the production. This expansion maximized the series' reach and monetization potential, contributing to its long-term success and profitability.

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