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The only dubbing and voiceover solution tailored to modern global enterprises

TPN certified & GDPR compliant

We adhere to the highest global security, quality and compliance standards — the secure SOC layer of dubbing.

Glossaries to keep accuracy high

Use our glossaries to ensure precision and consistency in terminology across translations.

Pronunciation guidance control

Set the standard for how specific words should be pronounced for maximum accuracy and clarity.

Collaborate seamlessly

The online studio lets your whole team work on the project in parallel.

Voice bank with
commercial rights built in

Get a variety of voice options to choose from for an enhanced level of creative freedom, without the limits of licensing restrictions.

Custom vocabulary management

Ensure your technical terminology is on point with a vocabulary management system you can create and customize.

Your in-house localization experts

Use your own in-house linguistic experts and adapters for precise control over jargon or local terms.

Integrates to your Translation Management System

Add Deepdub to your internal systems for the smoothest workflow from start to finish.

Reach every employee in their own language

Easily create versions of employee training videos in multiple languages.

Access over 80 languages and our on-demand voice bank.

Reduce your recording session costs with AI dubbing.

Create your first translation and use it to speed up localization to other languages.

Convert instruction videos into text tutorials — hassle free.

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Keep your brand identity consistent at scale

Voice cloning drops your re-recording costs while ensuring consistency across all of your content.

Get a custom voice and emotion bank tailormade for your brand.

Ensure your specialized technical terminology is always used right by assigning in-house adapters to oversee vocab usage.

Get more variation in your content by adding multiple speakers in the same language.

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Ensure every employee accesses the same high-quality content

Easily import and export text and scripts right into your Deepdub workspace.

Craft subtitles in multiple languages and dialects for enhanced accessibility.

Get high-level transcriptions in your original content, as well as translations into various languages and dialects.

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High-quality service that’s hassle-free

Best in class rights & top-tier production team

TPN-certified and GDPR compliant

Our TPN certification ensures we have the technology, infrastructure, and security measures to meet the high standards of the media and entertainment industry. We manage each client's content in a separate tenant, with commercial and broadcast rights built in, letting you confidently and legally distribute your content.

Dedicated in-house production team

Let our team of experienced professionals oversee every detail of your dubbing and localization project. That way, you get all of the quality and none of the stress that usually come with multifaceted dubbing projects.

Start creating in minutes to meet your organizational needs

Educational content

Corporate training materials

Content localization

Webinars and seminars

Enjoy content localization without limits.

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