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Our comprehensive answers to commonly asked questions about Deepdub

What is Deepdub?

Deepdub is an AI-based platform offering end-to-end dubbing and voiceover services that integrate seamlessly into the post-production process, enhancing content localization for the media and entertainment industry.

How does Deepdub's AI technology work?

Our technology employs emotional Text-to-Speech (eTTS), Speech-to-Speech, accent control, and voice referencing to produce voiceovers that capture the emotional depth and cultural nuances of the original performance.

What services does Deepdub offer?

Deepdub provides AI-driven dubbing, voice referencing, accent control, and access to an extensive voice library. Our suite of localization tools caters to industries such as TV, film, advertising, gaming, and e-learning.

Who can benefit from Deepdub's services?

Our services are ideal for Hollywood studios, content creators, broadcasters, streaming services, eLearning platforms, and gaming companies seeking efficient, high-quality localization solutions.

Can AI Dubbing really be a solution for studios?

Absolutely! Deepdub is a leading AI dubbing company with a proven track record. We've successfully dubbed thousands of hours of content into various languages such as English, Latin Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hindi, and others. Our work includes dubbing a Portuguese TV show “Vanda” for Legendary, available on Hulu, and providing dubbing services for entire channels on Pluto TV. We've also supported theatrical releases, top-tier series, FAST channels, and dubbing for library content. AI dubbing is an effective way to expand your operations cost-effectively.

Is Deepdub’s technology secure?

Yes, we uphold the highest security standards, as evidenced by our TPN Gold Shield certification and GDPR compliance, ensuring the protection of client content.

How can I get started with Deepdub?

Visit our website to submit a sales inquiry or directly contact our team. We offer both Deepdub Go, a SaaS platform, and managed services.

How does Deepdub ensure the quality of dubbed content?

We combine AI technology with the expertise of native-speaking human adapters and an in-house production team of industry professionals to ensure authentic, high-quality dubbed content.

What languages does Deepdub support?

We support dubbing and localization in over 130 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and many others.

Can Deepdub handle large-scale projects?

Absolutely. Our platform is designed for scalability, enabling us to manage large projects efficiently without compromising quality or timelines.

Where can I see examples of Deepdub’s work?

Visit our website for case studies and samples. For specific inquiries, please contact us directly.

What is Deepdub Go?

Deepdub Go is tailored for professional post-production teams, offering AI-powered localization tools for dubbing and voiceovers, including accent fine-tuning and emotional voice selection.

How does voice referencing work with Deepdub Go?

Voice referencing uses an existing voice recording as a guide to generate new dubbed content, allowing quick, efficient, and high-quality dubbing in any language.

What technologies does Deepdub utilize?

We use Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Speech, voice referencing, a comprehensive voice library, and accent control to meet global audiences' needs while maintaining original performance authenticity.

What makes Deepdub's in-house production team unique?

Our team of post-prod project managers, linguists, dubbing directors, sound engineers, and casting directors ensures expertise and care in handling each project.

How does Deepdub handle video files and ensure seamless translation?

Our platform utilizes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to convert speech to text, providing automatic transcripts in 130+ languages. With natural language segmentation, speaker identification, and the input of expert human adapters, we ensure seamless translation and tailored content localization for each project.

What is special about Deepdub’s voice bank?

Deepdub’s voice bank includes a wide range of voices with full commercial rights, ready for broadcasting. This ensures that clients can select the perfect voice to match their content needs while meeting broadcasting standards.

What features does Deepdub’s voice bank offer?

Deepdub’s voice bank features a diverse selection of speakers and speaking styles, allowing clients to choose the desired emotion for their dubbing projects. All voices are licensed and ready for streaming, ensuring content is broadcast-ready with authentic, emotionally resonant voiceovers tailored to meet the global standards of the media and entertainment industry.

Can you tell me about Deepdub's royalty plan for voice talents?

Deepdub is proud to offer a royalty plan for voice talents, currently in beta, which ensures fair compensation for voice actors whose voices are used in our projects. This innovative program is part of our commitment to supporting the creative community and ensuring that all contributors are acknowledged and rewarded for their work. More details will be shared as we finalize the program and make it publicly available.

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