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Client: FilmRise

Workflow: eTTS™

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Your ultimate toolkit for growth and monetization on YouTube and FAST channels

Proprietary TTS with emotion built-in

Our unique eTTS™ allows you to create human-sounding voices from text at a large scale and with full emotional support.

Voice bank with
commercial rights built in

Get a variety of voice options to choose from for an enhanced level of creative freedom, without the limits of licensing restrictions.

Total content control

Adapt content through our in house experts or use our own so that complex names, jokes, and cultural nuances make sense.

Translation & transcription

We split the music & effects during the dubbing process, so you get a clear, line by line transcription. You can even upload an existing script.

TPN certified &
GDPR compliant

We adhere to the highest global security, quality and compliance standards — the secure SOC layer of dubbing.

Scale up, cost down

The more dibs you need, the lower the price can go, ensuring you can scale up fast at a much more efficient cost.

Collaborate seamlessly

Invite your whole team to collaborate in the online studio and work in parallel on any project.

Voice cloning for high-level content creators

Create content at scale without recording separate audio tracks for every edit.

Reach your worldwide audience in any language on any channel

Easily create versions of your content in multiple languages.

Need more variety? Access over 80 languages and tones in our on-demand voice bank.

Convert video to text in minutes and add subtitles for when followers watch on mute.

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Minimize costs while you monetize your content

Globalizing your content means more money-making opportunities.

Drop your re-recording costs while ensuring consistency across all of your content with voice cloning.

Adapt your content to work on every channel, from TikTok and Instagram Reels to YouTube.

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Grow to global markets while keeping quality high

Start by dubbing to one language and the rest come easy.

Easily import and export text and scripts right into your Deepdub workspace.

Craft subtitles in multiple languages and dialects for enhanced accessibility.

Get high-level transcriptions in your original content, as well as translations into various languages and dialects.

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Ready to take your content where it's never been before?

Short-form videos

Vlogs and lifestyle content

Animated shorts


Tutorials and how-tos

Enjoy localization for monetization without limits.

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