Take full control of your dubbing process for post-production perfection

Deepdub Go - Virtual AI Studio


Exceptional dubbing platform, highest quality output

Automatic audio splitting

Get auto-separated music and effects to give you even more control over the dubbing process.

Terminological glossaries

Use our glossaries to ensure precision and consistency in terminology across translations.

Localization experts on demand

Let our pro adapters ensure your content sounds right for the intended country, or bring your in-house experts onto project.

Collaborate seamlessly

The online studio lets your whole team work on the project in parallel.

Works with multiple file formats

Import your own files and export them how you want - CSV, SRT, Web VTT, AFF, AM4 or WAV.

Proprietary TTS with emotion built-in

Our unique eTTS™ technology creates dubbed voiceovers that feel natural for any production, anywhere in the world

Top-tier professional voice cloning

Save time and money by adding missing voice snippets automatically - no need to rerecord.

TPN certified &
GDPR compliant

We adhere to the highest global security, quality and compliance standards, keeping your voice recordings in a separate secure tenant, inaccessible to anyone but you!

Bring the whole team together online through the process

End-to-end localization and creation entirely on the Deepdub platform.

Every expert owns their part, from post-production projects managers and sound engineers, to linguists and the talent.

Get a success manager dedicated to helping you work smarter, better, faster.

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Best-in-class voices and a robust voice bank with emotion-control built in

Proprietary eTTS™ (emotion-Text-to-Speech) and emotion-Speech-to-Speech technology

No need to re-record, voice clone any missing excerpts, even for the largest-scale productions.

Emotion control (phonemic syntax support), context oriented model and a full emotion bank to keep the tone and meaning as intended in the original.

Fair trade on voice artistry with permission required for any usage.

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Helping you deliver the best to your clients

Use your own scripts by easily importing them into the system for processing and exporting them in a click for quick approval by your team.

Get transcriptions and translations flash fast and hassle free.

Add subtitles in multiple languages and dialects for each of accessibility.

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Deliver Best

Control at your fingertips, no matter the production type.

Movies and TV shows


Animation & kids’ content

Video games

Advertisements & commercials

Enjoy end-to-end cross-team dubbing without limits.

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