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Dubbing and voice over end-to-end localization at scale in a single platform.

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Best-in-class, voices and dubbing so you can talk the talk - Hollywood style

Created with Deepdub・The first AI-dubbed drama "Vanda”  Legendary productions・A Hulu series

Supercharged dubbing that stays true to the human-created original



Faster turnaround time

High quality output means you’re ready to stream!



Savings on your dubbing spend

Our secret sauce

A combination of our own unique proprietary technology, in-house expert production team and certifications.

Trusted Partner Network

We’re the only TPN certified AI dubbing and localization provider.


Our state-of-the-art proprietary technology is the first of its kind with emotion-based text-to-speech (eTTS™) and speech-to-speech capabilities.


Hand over the reins to our powerhouse producers. We use human adapters that are native speakers of that language to keep it sounding real.

With our unique eTTS™ technology, a first of its kind, you can create human-sounding voices from text at a large scale and with full emotional support – all with commercial rights built in. The possibilities are endless →

End-to-end collaboration for your production teams

Get to work in your own virtual AI studio, or invite your entire team. The online studio lets everyone handle their part of the dubbing and voice-over creation process, anytime, together. All while maintaining the highest-quality, streaming ready results.

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Get automatic audio splitting

Dialog isolation

Lip movement and timing sync control

Cultural and linguistic adaptation

Fine-tune sound quality for polished final dubs

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Transcription Mockup

Keep your creation as authentic as it gets

Transcription in 80+ languages with a unified glossary

Automatic translation

Adaptation control

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Import and export files effortlessly

Easy integration with all professional tools. Once it’s ready, your dubbed files can be outputted in CSV, AAFF, SRT, WebVTT, AM4, and WAV formats.

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Voice cloning means there’s  no need to re-record

Our AI models are context-oriented, taking into account the original text's meaning when generating voices and sounds.

Luiz Ortiz
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Wilma Hayes
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Hugo François
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Emilia Kroos
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Original English with artist’s personality → cloned into different characters and languages

Create your own vocal emotion bank to access on demand

Built-in zero-shot voice cloning with no model training

Professional voice cloning on demand for creation and post production

Bespoke voice bank and emotion for each client

Royalty Payment Transparency: We advocate for voice fair trade, which means no voice cloning without permission.

Go beyond global boundaries

Take your content anywhere you want it to be, in any language.

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