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The Swarm | Deepdub


First dubbed theatrical shown ever in a film festival

Maintaining original authenticity while allowing dubbing from Polish to a global audience, retaining emotional resonance and elevating the viewing experience.


Clients info

Company type

Poland-based indie film production studio

Founding partners

Founded by producers Lukasz Siódmok, Bartek Bala, and Tomasz Langner.

Company higlights

The premier of the AI-dubbed psychological thriller "SWARM" was shown at the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival in San Jose, CA.

Industry accolades

The distributor of the film SWARM is Content Spot, which in 2023, together with Film RÓJ S.A., launched a nationwide promotional and distribution campaign that reached 20 million viewers. 


SWARM has been appreciated by festival selectors around the world.

The Challenge

"SWARM" was financed by over 300 individual investors through crowd-funding, and was created with the help of countless dedicated volunteers. This made making it accessible to English-speaking audiences in an affordable way very important, as was keeping the quality high.

Turnaround time reduction

Cost reduction

End to end solution

High quality, streaming ready

Deepdub’s Solution

With only four characters in the film, it was imperative that each dubbed voice — taking the production from Polish to English — was consistent and high-quality. Additionally, a psychological drama such as this one contains complicated workflows that make this type of dubbing hard to create and harder still to adjust.

By utilizing Deepdub’s state-of-the-art voice guide technology, it became possible to maintain SWARM’s authenticity, enabling it to reach a broader audience while preserving the deep emotional resonance of the original. Deepdub's technology not only achieved this but also elevated the entire viewing experience. The result preserved the integrity of the producers’ artistic vision. SWARM is the first dubbed theatrical show ever featured in a film festival!

“Deepdub's tech truly brought our characters to life, ensuring their voices were spot-on in our four-character film. This breakthrough elevated the viewing experience, preserving our artistic vision and made our movie globally accessible to audiences worldwide.”

Lukasz Siódmok
Producer of SWARM


  • Monetization: Content owners can harness the power of AI dubbing to unlock diverse revenue streams, maximizing the monetization potential of their content.
  • Workflow: The entertainment industry can leverage AI dubbing technology to streamline intricate processes, fostering innovation and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Creativity: AI dubbing stands as a robust choice to elevate the creative touch, ultimately contributing to an exceptional and immersive entertainment experience.

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