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Follow the money | Deepdub


Follow The Money

From Danish and Arabic into US English in 2 months, creating a complex cast of 332 unique voices and maintaining high-quality ready-to-stream quality.


Clients info

Company type

US-based streaming service (OTT)

Year founded

Founded in 2017


United States


Crime, thrillers, mysteries, noir and documentaries from around the world

Studio highlights

Original shows include Oscar® nominee The Letter Room

Shows available

Shows from 40+ countries

The Challenge

Topic.com faced several challenges when considering dubbing "Follow The Money," including the cost and time constraints of dubbing 30 episodes (3 seasons) from Danish and Arabic into US English within a 2-month time window. With a complex cast of 332 unique voices and maintaining high-quality ready-to-stream quality, Deepdub was the only logical choice.


Turnaround time reduction


Cost reduction

End to end solution

High quality, streaming ready

Deepdub’s Solution

Topic.com leveraged Deepdub’s hybrid model, a blend of human-powered expertise and cutting-edge technology. They utilized our AI voice guide (voice-to-voice) solution to generate 332 distinct voices, each with unique acting from 4 voice actors, while employing automated voice casting and voice referencing, eliminating any need to bring actors in for retakes. This fusion of human expertise and cutting-edge technology directly tackles issues our clients encounter in the traditional localization process:

  • Maintaining consistent voice quality
  • Efficiently generating diverse character voices
  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Ensuring accurate language adaptation
  • Facilitating flexible iterations and retakes

As part of our expert-led production process, they were also allocated a dedicated production project manager to streamline coordination from intake to quality control and delivery, an account manager, as well as in-house adapters and a production team.

“Deepdub lets us closely honor the emotion and tone of the original performances while offering an alternative for when watching with subtitles may not be possible.”

Ryan Chanatry
GM, Topic


  • Streamlined Workflow: Deepdub's Hybrid model seamlessly integrates human expertise with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a smooth workflow from translation to the final deliverables.
  • Scalability: The AI voice-to-voice solution effortlessly scaled to generate 332 distinct voices, showcasing the platform's ability to handle extensive and diverse content requirements.
  • Speed to Market: With a remarkable 60% reduction in total turnaround time, Deepdub's solution enables rapid content localization, meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Monetization Potential: Content owners can unlock new revenue streams by leveraging AI dubbing, maximizing the monetization potential of their content and expanding their global reach.

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