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Spiral | Deepdub



A unique fusion of human-powered proficiency and advanced technology to generate distinct voices with full lip sync compatibility across all 85 episodes.


Clients info

Company type

US based OTT streaming and subscription based video on demand (SVOD) service

Year founded

Founded in the US in 2011 and expanded to Canada in 2017

Streaming availability

Available on the web and a variety of apps including Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, Fire TV, Roku and the Samsung Smart TV app


Features mysteries, dramas and comedies from MHz Networks' catalog of international programs

The Challenge

A scripted drama, Spiral was set to be dubbed from French to English. With 85 episodes of 54 minutes each on average, MHZ needed a human-led solution to manage its complex workflow as well as access to Deepdub’s AI tools to handle dubbing production at scale.


Turnaround time reduction


Cost reduction

End to end solution

High quality, streaming ready

Deepdub’s Solution

MHz Choice embraced Deepdub's hybrid model, seamlessly blending human expertise with cutting-edge technology. Through Deepdub’s human-led, AI-assisted voice guide technology, MHz Choice gained access to a unique fusion of human-powered proficiency and advanced technology. The platform successfully utilized our solution to generate distinct voices, each imbued with unique acting based on referenced voice actors, ensuring full lip sync compatibility across all 85 episodes. This was achieved with the support of our proprietary technology and human adapters proficient in the target language.

Additionally, MHz Choice benefited from a dedicated production project manager, facilitating streamlined coordination from content intake to delivery. Access to our in-house production professionals further empowered MHz Choice to achieve scale at speed without compromising quality. This collaborative effort underscored the effectiveness of Deepdub's comprehensive solution in addressing the challenges associated with dubbing a scripted drama of significant volume and complexity.


  • Monetization: Content owners can harness the power of AI dubbing to unlock diverse revenue streams, maximizing the monetization potential of their content.
  • Workflow: The entertainment industry can leverage AI dubbing technology to streamline intricate processes, fostering innovation and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Creativity: AI dubbing stands as a robust choice to elevate the creative touch, ultimately contributing to an exceptional and immersive entertainment experience.

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