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Forensic Files

Moving beyond traditional dubbing workflows to meet the unique speed and scalability needs of the docu-crime genre.


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New York City–based

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Founded in 2012

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One of the largest independent providers of content to ad-supported streaming (AVOD) platforms


Content library of 40,000+ movies and TV episodes on third party platforms including The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Tubi, Peacock, Samsung TV Plus, Crackle, Redbox and Amazon's Freeve

The Challenge

In adapting its show Forensic Files from English to Italian, FilmRise faced a unique challenge. Not only did it need to dub 100 episodes in less than 5 weeks, it also needed the help of human adapters who had both Italian linguistic skills and knowledge of forensic terminology.

One of the distinctive challenges revolved around the diversity of content within each episode, as each presented a unique criminal case. Consequently, FilmRise faced the intricate task of finding and coordinating human adapters capable of not only demonstrating proficiency in Italian linguistic skills and an understanding of forensic terminology but also embodying the ability to lend distinct voices to an array of characters across 100 individual cases.


Turnaround time reduction


Cost reduction

End to end solution

High quality, streaming ready

Deepdub’s Solution

In tackling the intricacies of docu-crime content like "Forensic Files," where each episode encompasses distinct cases with varying characters, Deepdub faced the challenge of scaling at speed while preserving the essence of the original audio. Traditional dubbing workflows become especially cumbersome in such scenarios, complicating both the initial creation and subsequent adjustments.

Deepdub's proprietary eTTS™ (emotional Text to Speech) technology emerged as the optimal solution for this challenge. By leveraging eTTS™, Deepdub showcased its ability to cast different voices with a wide emotional range—all with commercial rights built in. This revolutionary technology allowed for the seamless dubbing of content at scale and speed. Using the original materials, Deepdub automatically split audio and effects, generated scripts, and delivered dubs that not only retained the emotional nuances of the original performances but also came with the added benefit of complete commercial rights. This capability addressed the complex challenge of managing diverse characters across numerous episodes, making eTTS™ an ideal and efficient solution for docu-crime content adaptation.


  • Workflow Enhancement: eTTS™ transforms the workflow, providing a more adjustable and adaptable process, preserving voice authenticity while optimizing production costs.
  • Scalability: eTTS™ excels in handling high-volume content production seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and consistency in diverse and extensive dubbing needs.
  • Time to Market: By automating intricate processes, eTTS™ expedites the entire dubbing workflow, enabling quicker turnarounds without compromising on quality.

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