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In the dynamic landscape of global entertainment, authenticity reigns supreme. Whether it's the rugged drawl of a Texan cowboy or the melodic lilt of a Parisian café owner, accents play a pivotal role in defining character and setting the scene. However, when it comes to dubbing content into different languages, maintaining this authenticity has often been a challenge—until now.

Shifting the Paradigm: Overcoming Accent Biases in AI Dubbing:

In traditional dubbing processes, dubbing directors must decide whether the localized performance should preserve the original accents to maintain authenticity or if they should be adapted in some way to make the content more suited to the cultural nuances of the target audience. AI dubbing, while lowering the barriers to localization and making content more accessible, has until now not given content creators control over how accents are reflected in dubbed content. With our new technology, we're breaking barriers and creating opportunities for talents who were previously restricted by accent biases. Now, roles once inaccessible due to accent requirements are within reach for everyone, leveling the playing field in the entertainment industry and beyond.

The Impact of Controlling Accents in Dubbing:

Tailored Accents: Providing content creators with the ability to customize accents ensures that the dubbed content resonates with diverse audience preferences, offering increased flexibility and creative freedom. By allowing creators to adjust accents according to the preferences of their target audience, Accent Control technology ensures that the content remains authentic while appealing to a wider demographic.

Elevated Authenticity: Accent Control enhances the authenticity of dubbed content by preserving emotional and cultural nuances. By accurately representing accents, the technology ensures that the essence of the original performances is retained, resulting in a more immersive and enriching viewing experience for audiences worldwide. Whether it's a gritty crime drama or a heartwarming romance, Accent Control ensures that the emotional impact of the content transcends language barriers.

Expanding Opportunities: Accent Control opens doors for talents previously limited by accent biases, promoting diversity and inclusivity within the entertainment industry. By allowing performers to retain their natural accents or adopt accents appropriate to their characters, the technology enables a more inclusive casting process. This not only enriches the storytelling experience but also fosters a more representative and authentic portrayal of diverse cultures and identities.

The Technology Behind the Innovation: eTTS 2.0 (™) - Supporting over 130 languages and dialects:

Accent Control is powered by Deepdub's emotional text-to-speech™ (eTTS) 2.0 model, a multimodal Large Language Model that supports over 130 languages and dialects. Deepdub’s research team developed the massively multilingual model to generate emotionally expressive speech and discovered emergent capabilities that enabled the manipulation of various speech characteristics, including accents. This advanced model ensures that Accent Control can accommodate a wide range of languages and accents, providing creators with the tools they need to produce high-quality localized content.

Industry Adoption - MHz will be the first to adopt the technology:

We are thrilled to share that MHz Networks will be the first to leverage our groundbreaking Accent Control technology, spotlighted by Speech Technology Magazine. As valued clients of Deepdub, MHz Networks has already successfully dubbed multiple programs, including popular titles such as “Spiral”, "The Bridge," "Arctic Circle," "Dead Mountain," and more. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, showcasing the industry's recognition of Deepdub's innovative solutions. As more content creators and broadcasters integrate this technology into their workflows, we anticipate a transformative impact on the localization landscape.

“Our past collaboration with Deepdub has enabled us to dub numerous popular shows from around the world into English while retaining the original emotional expressivity and performance,” said Lance Schwulst, EVP of Content Strategy at MHz Choice. “Deepdub’s new accent control technology is taking this to the next level. We’re excited to leverage this to bring content to audiences that is unparalleled in its engaging and immersive viewer experience.”

How It Works: From Concept to Execution:

The technology is accessible through the Deepdub GO platform, a virtual AI dubbing studio designed for post-production editors. Users can intuitively apply and adjust accents using a simple interface, selecting a reference voice and controlling the intensity of the applied accent. For example, a user can choose a Spanish voice as a reference and adjust the level of Italian accent applied to the English output. This flexibility allows creators to fine-tune accents according to their preferences, ensuring that the dubbed content aligns seamlessly with their vision.

Additionally, the service is available through Deepdub’s white glove dubbing service, where experienced professionals handle the dubbing process from start to finish. This comprehensive service ensures that creators receive personalized attention and high-quality results, regardless of their level of expertise or technical proficiency.

What's Next: Expanding Possibilities:

Deepdub is currently working on expanding Accent Control's capabilities to support regional accents, enabling micro-localization. By providing more granular control over accents, the technology will further enhance the authenticity of dubbed content, ensuring that each performance is faithfully represented across language barriers. As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of AI dubbing technology, we remain committed to empowering creators and delivering unparalleled localization solutions.


In conclusion, Accent Control technology represents a significant leap forward in the field of AI dubbing, offering content creators unprecedented control over accents and enhancing the authenticity of dubbed content. By providing tailored accents, preserving emotional nuances, and expanding opportunities for diverse talent, Accent Control empowers creators to produce high-quality localized content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

We are excited to see the transformative impact of Accent Control technology on the entertainment industry and beyond, as it fosters greater inclusivity, authenticity, and creativity in storytelling. Join us on this journey as we unlock new possibilities and redefine the future of dubbing with Deepdub.

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