Deepdub and AWS Revolutionize Media Localization at NAB Show Las Vegas 2024

Deepdub and AWS: Pioneering Media Localization at NAB 2024

See how Deepdub's advanced AI dubbing tools are setting new standards in the media and entertainment supply chain, featured at NAB Las Vegas 2024.



Each year, the NAB Show in Las Vegas stands out as a key gathering for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, attracting leaders from across the globe. Earlier this year, Deepdub proudly announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining its co-selling initiative, aimed specifically at the media and entertainment sector. In 2024, Deepdub was excited to participate in a significant collaboration with AWS for M&E, showcasing our groundbreaking localization technologies at the AWS booth. This year, the AWS for M&E team selected Deepdub to be part of exclusive multi-partner demonstrations, handpicking us to showcase our innovative technology in the Newsroom (Live) demo at the NAB Show.


Our collaboration at NAB 2024 with AWS for M&E exemplifies a joint commitment to pushing the boundaries of media technology. This partnership provided us with a unique platform to demonstrate how our solutions are making media content more accessible and engaging for audiences worldwide.

Deepdub's Demonstrations at AWS Booth

  • Visitor Dubbing Experience:Utilizing a noise-isolating microphone, we captured recordings from booth visitors. These were then processed through Deepdub GO, showcasing our capability to quickly create high-quality, multilingual dubs from short voice recordings. Visitors experienced firsthand how they could generate a 60-second trailer from just a 4-second voice clip in multiple languages and accents.

  • AWS Team’s Multilingual Videos:Prior to the event, AWS team members prepared videos that were dubbed into several languages by our technology. These dubbed videos were integrated into the AWS supply chain demo, highlighting our effective localization process.

  • Continuous Dubbing Demo:Featuring continuous streams of dubbed content, including clips from Amazon Prime’s Reacher, this demo highlighted our ability to seamlessly dub various types of content in real-time.

  • Panel Participation by Oz Krakowski:Our CBDO, Oz Krakowski, participated in the NABShow Core Education Collection Series, discussing the impact of AI on reality TV and documentaries, demonstrating our platform’s transformative effects on unscripted content formats.

Highlight Project: "Cowgirls on the Moon"

In collaboration with AWS for Media & Entertainment, we created and localized the faux movie trailer "Cowgirls on the Moon." This trailer showcased the potential of generative AI, cloud-powered VFX, and comprehensive virtual production. Deepdub localized this trailer into Brazilian Portuguese,  Italian and German using our advanced AI-driven dubbing technology. This ensured that every emotional nuance of the original performance was meticulously preserved, demonstrating our expertise in producing culturally resonant localizations that captivate audiences worldwide.

Impact and Future Outlook

The 2024 NAB Show was focused on AI and its transformative effects on the M&E industry. It provided a remarkable opportunity for Deepdub to showcase our advanced technologies in real-world applications. Our collaboration with AWS for M&E not only provided a platform to showcase our innovations but also reinforced our role as a leader in the M&E industry. This partnership has set new standards for how localization can be seamlessly integrated into the media production workflow, enabling content creators to engage global audiences more effectively than ever before.

This successful showcase at NAB 2024 has laid the groundwork for future innovations, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with AWS, driving the future of media and entertainment forward.

Setting New Standards in Media Localization

As the curtain falls on NAB Show Las Vegas 2024, the AWS for M&E team has masterfully orchestrated exclusive multi-partner demonstrations, selecting Deepdub to feature our innovative technology in the Newsroom (Live) demo. This strategic showcase highlights the transformative potential of AI technologies in reshaping how content is created and consumed globally. By integrating Deepdub’s advanced dubbing and localization tools into media workflows, we are not only improving accessibility but also setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency in the industry. As we move forward, Deepdub remains committed to innovation and excellence, continually driving the media and entertainment sectors towards a more connected and dynamic future.

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