Deepdub's Oz Krakowski shares insights on the VO Boss podcast, hosted by Anne Ganguzza. They discuss the evolving role of technology in voiceover work, focusing on how innovation can coexist with the protection of voice artists' rights. This episode is an educational journey into the balance between technological advancement and ethical practices in the industry.

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Oz will be sharing insights on how using Generative AI with dubbing and voice-over is transforming the way we deliver content to global audiences. In a world where technology plays a crucial role in reaching people far and wide, Oz will delve into the pivotal role it plays in content distribution.

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Join's Oz Krakowski on the Localization Fireside Chat Podcast as he discusses turning AI from a perceived threat into a business opportunity, showcasing its transformative power in revolutionizing the localization landscape. Tune in to embrace AI for growth and innovation in the language industry


Deepdub's Co-founder and CEO, Ofir Krakowski, discusses the platform's mission to enhance content accessibility through a blend of automation and human collaboration on SlatorPod.


What’s Next For AI? - What does the future hold for AI? We're bringing together industry and technology leaders Viral Bajaria (6sense), Oz Krakowski (Deepdub), and May Habib (Writer) on the Main Stage as they discuss what's next for AI.

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NVIDIA's AI Podcast features CEO Ofir Krakowski discussing how Deepdub employs generative AI to dismantle language barriers, transform the conventional dubbing process, and aspire to globalize storytelling — tune in now.


Join us at #IBC2023 in Amsterdam as we connect with content creators, media pros, and tech enthusiasts—book a meeting, drop a comment, or DM us to be part of the innovation!

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