Deepdub Go - Virtual AI studio for post-production teams

Scale up your dubbing, speed up your time to market — all with full control at your fingertips.


It’s your virtual AI studio - use it any way you need to

TPN certified &
GDPR compliant

We adhere to the highest global security, quality and compliance standards, keeping your voice recordings in a separate secure tenant, inaccessible to anyone but you!

Terminological glossaries

Use our glossaries to ensure precision and consistency in terminology across translations.

Proprietary TTS with
emotion built-in

Our unique eTTS™ technology creates dubbed voiceovers that feel natural for any production, anywhere in the world

Voice bank with full
commercial rights

Get a variety of voice options to choose from for an enhanced level of creative freedom, without the limits of licensing restrictions.

Voice to voice technology

Create multiple voices using just a few artists to generate acts from different ages groups, genders and emotional tones

Top-tier professional voice referencing

Save time and money by adding missing voice snippets automatically - no need to rerecord.

Your creative control center for post-production brilliance

Input all of your content - no need for separate scripts or audio

Import video with audio or just audio files and export them  them as a single file in a click for quick approvals.

Automatic audio splitting lets you separate the voice from background music and effects.

Get transcriptions and translations flash fast and hassle free.

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Work in segments, control every moment of video, music and voice

Split segments to work on them separately. Then merge them, assign characters, type in text or delete for full control over the timing and lip syncing.

Fix the text to to absolute linguistic perfection and adjust its timing, length and more.

Add subtitles in multiple languages and dialects for ease of accessibility.

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Create multiple authentic sounding voices to scale up your production

Cast characters from hundreds of possible AI options with the new “Casting” feature.

Use emotion-prompting and voice-guiding to edit the dubbed voices for an accurate and emotionally deep result.

Create content at scale with voice cloning that eliminates any need to re-record.

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Bring your entire team on board and collaborate in one place

Work with every stakeholder in the same online space — project owners, editors, project managers, linguistic experts and sound engineers.

Use the built-in markers to highlight issues and action items, mark fixes and give work progress updates

Permissions come built-in, letting you monitor who’s working on what

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Get the solution that exceeds your needs

as a post-production professional.